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Mat Grounding

Mat Grounding

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Mat Grounding

Introducing our Mat Grounding collection, a series of products designed to ensure the proper grounding of ESD-safe mats, creating a static-free work environment. Let's explore each product in this collection:

1. Dual Common Point Ground Cord - 15' Long:
This cord ensures proper grounding of ESD-safe mats with a 3/8" snap stud and 1 Meg Ohm resistor for static charge dissipation.

2. Dual Bench Ground Mount with 15' Ground Cord:
Designed for single conductor wrist straps, this mount with a 15' ground cord keeps personnel grounded and safeguards against electrostatic discharge.

3. Grounding Kit for ESD-Safe Mats:
A comprehensive kit for proper grounding of anti-static mats, providing a secure, static-free work environment for sensitive electronics.

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