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Anti-Static Floor Mats

Anti-Static Floor Mats

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Anti-Static Floor Mats

Industrial grade, Durable and high-quality Rubber ESD Floor mat has superior  heat-, chemical-, and wear-resistance. 

  • Durable rubber material withstands PCB truck and cart traffic without peeling , chipping, or curling
  • Heat and chemical resistant to hold-up against hot soldering irons, molten solder,
  • and many common chemicals used in assembly areas
  • Dissipative upper layer will drain a static charge to the conductive layer below

Conductive bottom layer will drain the charge quickly to ground

  • Lightly textured top layer with non-reflective finish and smooth bottom layer
  • Dissipative top layer has a resistivity of 108ohms/sq
  • Conductive bottom layer has a resistivity of <105ohms/sq
  • Color: grey speckled top layer and black bottom layer
  • Thickness 2 mil or 3 mil

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