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Durable anti-static work surface mats are ideal for use in setting up workstation in electronic

assembly, repair and test, where resistant against hot solders, heat, and most common

solvent is required. It provides an excellent protection against static discharge, parts damage.


Feature Dual layers natural rubber Made from virgin rubber to ensure the highest quality.

the top layer is dissipative and the bottom layer is conductive. Total thickness (0.08”) or 2 mm


Meets or exceeds requirements of

ANSI ESD-S20.20 and the recommendations of ANSI/ESD STM4.1

pre-cut and custom-sized mats are available Link to Pre-cuts


Specifications: Typical Values
Top layer Static-“Dissipative Layer” 0.5mm thickness
 Bottom Layer Conductive color 1.5 mm thickness, Black
Top layer color Royal Blue, Light Blue, Light Gray and Green
Surface finish Smooth, Matte surface
Bottom Layer Conductive layer, 1.5mm thickness
Total thickness 2mm (0.08″)
Resistively of Surface layer 108 – 109 ohms
Resistivity of Bottom layer 105 – 106.ohms Rattler loss <0.02g/cm2
Time for static dissipation <0.5S
Heat resistance 600oF, 10 sec no smell, no melt


Available in rolls, pre-cut, and custom-sized mats.

Colors:  Royal Blue, Light Blue, Light Gray and Green.,