Floor Mat

Over View.

Feature a three-layer design, 0.125” Thickness provides excellent electrical, and ergonomic

comfort that only a foam back material can provide. It is compatible for use with

continuous monitors.

The top layer is made of durable vinyl and it is suited for use as an ESD protective bench mat

or tray mat. Its highly conductive Carbon middle layer provides a Quick discharge path to

ground. The cushioned dissipative bottom layer provides excellent protection against

physical damage.


Construction: Heat fused vinyl composite
Thickness:  0.125″ (3.2mm)
Hardness: 45 Shore “A”, per ASTM-D412
Tensile Strength: Greater than 300 PSI, per ASTM-D412
Tear Strength: Greater than 80 lbs/inch, per ASTM-D624
Elongation: Greater than 80%, per ASTM-D412
Abrasion Resistance: Greater than 750 cycles, per Tabor-CS17
Heat Resistance:  -20°F to 140°F continuous
Chemical Resistance: Resistance to degradation by inorganic acids, organic acids, reducing agents,
  Aliphatic hydrocarbons, mineral oil, aldehydes, and amines
Color: Blue, grey
Texture: Light Embossing


RTT Resistance: 10E6 – 8 Ohms (Test Method: ESD S4.1)

RTG Resistance: 10E6 – 8 Ohms (Test Method: ESD S4.1)


Available in 24, 30 and 36” by 32 ft rolls,

pre-cut, and custom-sized mats.


Colors:   Blue and Gray


Grounding: This material must be properly grounded for optimum electrical performance. You may use our Grounding cord

Cleaning:  Do not use cleaners with silicone or Alcohol. Silicone buildup will create an insulative film on the surface.

Meets the requirements of ESD Standard 4.1 ESD Standard 20.20, EIA 625, 20.20, EIA 625, MILI-HDBK-263, and MIL-STD-1686